For the work required to convert a finished Ultima from LHD to RHD or visa versa.

Remove instruments
Remove dashboard covering
Cut dashboard away
Remove air con
Weld new dashboard chassis member in
Cut away redundant chassis member
Replace triangulation
Cut chassis tube and weld in new foot clearance tubes
Weld on steering column brackets
Glass in cut dashboard
Fill in old instrument holes in dash
Replace dashboard covering
New hole in front bulkhead panel
Rearrange instruments
Re wire instruments
Fill in old holes in dash
Change centre binnacle to look left/right
Remove alloy floor panel bottom
Remove floor panel top
Cut chassis diagonal
Fit new chassis diagonal
Remove part of alloy side panel
Weld in clutch foot brace panel
Fit foot brace
Remove pedals and master cylinders
Cut away pedal channels
Weld in diagonal brace on right side of bulkhead
Weld in master cylinder fixing plate
Weld in new pedal channels
Rustproof all new chassis members and cuts
Move battery
Move battery clamp
Move brake master cylinder
Rewire brake master cylinder float
Move windscreen washer bottle
Rewire windscreen washer pump
Re-fit pedals
Fit master cylinders
Fit new brake lines
Re-rout battery main cable
Re-rout clutch pipe
Re-route accelerator cable
Remove seats
Weld in gear linkage bracket
Fix seats in different position
Replace gear change mechanism
Fit bracket in engine bay for gear linkage
Fit second bracket in engine bay
Change sweep of windscreen wiper
Change park on windscreen wiper
Change glass to mirrors
Re-wire mirrors
Re-locate bonnet and boot release handles
Fit new floor lower
Fit new floor upper
Fit new carpet
Fit new passenger foot brace
Reposition radio
Rewire radio control
Rewire all speakers
Re wire radio
Change mirror glass
Adjust headlight orientation