With three decades of highly successful sales and performance accomplishments with our previous models, the time was right for us to put everything we have learnt into developing a new Ultima RS flagship model.

Prototype work commences full time behind the scenes in 2017.


The new RS was designed in house to possess market-leading levels of downforce via revised aero systems, perfected in the MIRA wind tunnel.

The Ultima engine bay package was re-engineered for the new incoming RS model to accommodate the latest generation of Euro 6 compliant LT range of direct fuel injection Chevrolet V8 engines (LT1/LT4/LT5). The fantastic new LT range of dry sump, emission friendly and supremely powerful Ultima engine options further increases the number of countries we can export the Ultima into.

We are the first low volume car manufacturer in the world to utilise the latest immensely powerful GM Chevrolet V8 LT5 supercharged crate engine which develops over 800bhp in standard format in our Ultima platform.


Every design facet of the restyled Ultima RS panels results in an increase in performance envelope capability compared to previous generation Ultima models. Performance aside, the Ultima RS is a vastly improved and modernised supercar, with even greater levels of style, fit, finish, quality, safety, driver comfort, sophistication, usability, practicality and handling finesse.

The Ultima RS is officially unveiled to the public at the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed event in July 2019 on centre stage to worldwide applause:

The first three Ultima RS production cars 0001, 0002 and 0003 roll-off our factory production line. All of the new tooling and testing procedures are complete.


The new tailor made Ultima RS Limited Edition Chronograph is launched.

Manufactured in collaboration with Swiss watch brand Louis Erard. Fusing avant-garde design cues from our new RS supercar with precision watchmaking. This exclusive racing chronograph features an automatic movement, sapphire crystal, stainless steel case with matte black PVD coating and carbon fibre style strap.

The Ultima RS model is the most thorough and complete overhaul of the road legal Ultima ever to be released, with thousands of enhancement changes to specification and with greater worldwide legislation compliance than ever before.

The RS is a real milestone in our company's development. The result is truly remarkable - a car that is devoid of restraint and an improvement in almost every area.

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, Ultima Sports Ltd finishes the decade on an all-time high with superb sales and demand. The new Ultima RS supercar has created a global stir, already shipped to 35+ different countries and rising.

Ultima Sports Ltd continues to go from strength to strength and has set a benchmark amongst British independent hand-built sports car manufacturers that few can touch.