Design of the Ultima Can-Am.

New model designed to be called the Ultima Can-Am which though similar in appearance to the Ultima Spyder does not share any interchangeable body parts.

As Ultima GTR plus
Brackets added for door hinges
New body mounting brackets designed
New roll cage designed to strengthen chassis
Rear section:
As Ultima GTR plus
New aerodynamic lowered back designed to incorporate new lights system
Different air vents added
New body hinges designed
Body support struts added
Front section:
As Ultima GTR
Side pods:
As Ultima GTR
Centre section:
Front bulkhead designed
Dashboard designed to be moulded with front bulkhead
Interchangeable screen system designed
Rear bulkhead designed
Rear bulkhead cap designed
Windscreen frame designed
Wind deflector frame designed
New rain channels
Shape to door opening changes
Reinforcing for door hinge points added
Front lip recessed for front section
Wind deflector designed
Low side screens designed
High side screens designed
Hood frame designed
Hood designed
Electric mirrors designed
Shape re-designed
Hidden hinge system designed
Gas strut door support added
Water channels changed
Inner skin new re-designed
List of new moulds manufactured for the Ultima Can-Am:
Front section
Front section reinforcing
Headlight pod left
Headlight pod right
Headlight backing left
Headlight backing right
Radiator air exit left
Radiator air exit right
Headlight bezel main beam
Headlight bezel dip beam
Rear section
Rear box section
Wheel well left
Wheel well right
Rear lights pod
Front bulkhead and dashboard
Rear bulkhead
Bulkhead capping
Instrument pod standard
Instrument pod Stack
Door closure left
Door closure right
Windscreen surround
Wind deflector surround
Wind deflector
Wind deflector side screens left
Wind deflector side screens right
Windscreen side screens left
Windscreen side screens right
Side pod left
Side pod right
Side pod closure right
Side pod closure left
Air duct left
Air duct right
Door panel right
Door panel left
Inner door skin left
Inner door skin right
Mirror left
Mirror right
Mirror interior left
Mirror interior right