Design of the Ultima GTR.

New model designed to be called the Ultima GTR that though similar in appearance to the Ultima Sports does not share any interchangeable body parts.

Radiator cage enlarged to accommodate bigger radiator
Radiator cage wider for more stable front body fixings
Brackets added for door fixings
New body mounting brackets designed
Mechanical parts:
Larger 5 row radiator designed and fitted
Radiator thermostat changed
Damper length changed
Front lower wishbone joint changes
Rear upper wishbone joint changed
Rose jointed wishbone option designed
Radio and CD auto changer fitted
Rear canopy safety device designed
Brake fluid reservoir changed
Dry sump system for engine designed
Accusump system introduced
Air conditioning re-designed
Fuel pumps system upgraded
Gear box mountings changed
Wiring loom changed
Getrag transaxle fitted
New flywheel designed
New engine/transaxle adapter plate designed
Cable operated central gear change designed
Drive shafts new design
Pressed body grills designed
Lumber support for seats introduced
Battery type changed
18" wheels designed and manufactured in house

Body (The differences in the Ultima GTR to the Ultima Sports)

Rear section:
New aerodynamic back designed to incorporate new lights system
Box sections added for strength
Air vents added
Hidden body latches
New body hinges designed
Body support struts added
Wheel arches designed for 18” wheels and wider tyres
Foam core added to wheel arches
Rear wing tested and fitted
Front section:
Narrowed by 50mm
Front raised
New wheel arches
New headlight apertures
New headlight pods
New headlight cover
New front splitter
Larger radiator opening
One piece radiator air exit formed
New hinges designed
Hidden body latches
New body latch system designed
Rear lip recessed into centre section
Wheel arches increased for 18” wheels
Foam cores added in wheel arches
Side pods:
New engine bay openings
Brake vents added
Centre section:
Double skin added to roof
Lowered roof line at front
Changed windscreen aperture
New rain channels
Fuel filler cap apertures incorporated in the body mouldings
Shape to door opening changes
Reinforcing for door hinge points added
Dashboard new design
Dashboard centre p0d designed
Dashboard bonded in as standard
Front lip recessed for front section
Luggage containers designed and fabricated
Luggage container lids designed
Electric mirrors designed
Shape re-designed
Hidden hinge system designed
Gas strut door support added
Window openings revised
Side windows formed in polycarbonate
Water channels changed
Inner skin new design
Door locks and catches designed
List of new moulds manufactured for the Ultima GTR:
Front section
Front section reinforcing
Headlight pod left
Headlight pod right
Headlight backing left
Headlight backing right
Radiator air exit left
Radiator air exit right
Headlight bezel main beam
Headlight bezel dip beam
Front light cover left
Front light cover right
Rear section
Rear box section
Wheel well left
Wheel well right
Rear lights pod
Centre section
Centre section inner skin
Instrument pod standard
Instrument pod Stack
Door closure left
Door closure right
Side pod left
Side pod right
Side pod closure right
Side pod closure left
Air duct left
Air duct right
Door panel right
Door panel left
Inner door skin left
Inner door skin right
Window left
Window right
Mirror left
Mirror right
Mirror interior left
Mirror interior right