Changes made after purchase of rights from Noble Motorsport Ltd

New symmetrical chassis jig fabricated
Engine mountings standardised for the small block Chevrolet
Porsche G50 transaxle mountings designed
Flywheel and adapter designed for the G50/Chevy
Changes to roll bar
Radiator cage redesigned
New dashboard rails
New body hinge points
Revised suspension mounting points
Steering column mounting area added
Wishbones re-designed
Wishbone bushes changed
Steel floor added for safety
Powder coating of all chassis components standardised


Rear section:
New hinge design
New body latches designed
Cutouts for over-centre catches filled
New indents formed for pip pin fixings
Pip pin bracket system designed and fitted
Rear scoop bonded in
Inner wheel arches designed and built
Strengthening to rear return for petrol cap apertures
Reshape of wheel arch to fit chassis
Rear support and fixings for boot spoiler designed and built
Top air scoop reworked
Insets for top over-centre catch fitted
Front section:
Front air dam designed moulded and fitted
Radiator air exit formed
Front hinge designed and fitted
Headlamp pod designed and moulded
Rear lip modified
Radiator opening size increased
Centre section:
Roofline lowered
Strengthening for door hinges added
Gull-wing door hinge points filled
Windscreen aperture modified
Dashboard designed and moulded
Rain channel modified
Redesigned for three quarter opening
Hinge system designed and fitted
Door locks and fixing designed and added
Window aperture modified
Inner skin modified
Side pods:
Openings modified
Fixings designed and fitted
Shape adjusted to fit body and quality up-rated to UK and USA standards
Black band added
Parts designed for the Ultima Sports that were not originally supplied with the Ultima Mk3 kit Alloy panel kit:
Pedal set
Brake and clutch master cylinders
Suspension components
Brake pipes
Steering rack and column
Complete cooling system comprising radiator, fans, coolant pipes, swirl pot, expansion tank etc
Gear linkage 6 different variations
Fuel tanks
Fuel system
Drive shafts
Wiring loom
Body hinges, latches, locks and gas struts
Side screens
Repeater indicators
Headlight covers
Seat covering
Air conditioning system
Heater/demister system
Exhaust system
Transaxle adapters
Roll cages
Door mirrors
Windscreen wiper/washer system
Battery cables