2021 - 2024

The new Ultima RS model has been exceptionally well received and acclaimed globally.

Ultima RS turnkey cars are regularly commanding a premium price in the marketplace beyond MSRP.

The Ultima RS has been the most successful Ultima model of all time, propelling the brand to new heights.

Ultima releases a new one-hour “History of Ultima Documentary”, featuring some previously unseen historical footage and photos from our archives, along with insight from Richard Marlow, CEO of Ultima Sports Ltd.

Ultima Sports Ltd initiated an experimental project to develop a one-off Ultima-based electric vehicle, dubbed the Ultima Protototope EV, which was developed to the same leading performance capabilities that have become synonymous with the Ultima Sports badge.

Ultima has now concluded that it will not enter production with an EV, especially with the recently announced news of internal combustion engine rules being gradually relaxed in multiple countries for low-volume car producers.

This ‘one-of-a-kind’ Prototype EV was a very interesting and enjoyable engineering R&D exercise that has provided Ultima Sports Ltd with invaluable real-world data and feedback.

Ultima: The Story So Far – a hardback book charting the story of Ultima is produced for worldwide purchase.

This new book documents Ultima’s unique journey to success to date.

Ultima Sports Ltd has cemented its legacy as a pioneering force in the realm of high-performance sports cars, consistently pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering and redefining the standards of speed, precision, and bespoke craftsmanship. With a storied history that spans several decades, Ultima Sports has created a lineage of iconic models that continue to captivate enthusiasts and drivers alike.