Ultima GTR Fastest around the track used by Top Gear

Not only did the fully road-legal Ultima GTR record the fastest time in road-trim, but it also recorded the fastest time in 'race-trim' whilst still being road-legal.

Lap Record on Track used by Top Gear

British supercar manufacturers Ultima Sports Ltd celebrated their 15th year anniversary in style by obliterating the road car lap record on the track, which is used by Top Gear to record their lap times, by over four and a half seconds in their standard production Ultima GTR720 road car. This was a record previously held, according to the Top Gear chart, by the Swedish Koenigsegg CCX.

Since then, other cars have been around the track faster than the Koenigsegg, but they still haven't come close in matching the Ultima GTR's time.

Driven by Ultima's own mystery driver, the standard production 200 + mph Ultima GTR720 equipped with fully e-marked road tyres which was driven to the test venue, recorded a blistering fully verified lap time of 1min12.8secs, demolishing the lap time of the £415,000 Koenigsegg CCX of 1min17.6secs on the Top Gear chart. The record attempt was organized by Ultima Sports Ltd themselves in conjunction with Plans Motorsport after apparently being overlooked by the producers at Top Gear TV over the last couple of years despite repeated approaches.

Richard Marlow, Director of Ultima Sports Ltd commented:

"It came as no surprise to any of us here at the factory that on our very first hot lap in the Ultima GTR the best time set according to the Top Gear chart was well and truly beaten leaving all other supercars in it's wake which accurately demonstrates the all round performance envelope of the Ultima GTR. I always knew that the GTR could outperform all the supercars on the top gear chart with ease by a simply huge margin. The fully verified lap time data shows that in a head to head race with the £450,000 Ferrari Enzo the Ultima GTR would lap it every 12 laps according to the times stated on the Top Gear chart! What we have achieved over the last few years with this and all of our previous officially verified world record runs is a clean sweep of the majority of recognized performance parameters in existence all held at the same time.

We have collated more independently verified evidence demonstrating the world leading performance statistics of our standard road car than any other car manufacturer in history. It's truly a fantastic feeling which we are all extremely proud of here at Ultima Sports, and what's more these were achieved with just our GTR720 model, we have recently announced a more powerful and faster GTR800 variant for those whom want even more.

It is typical of our company tradition to have set the fastest lap time in history with a relatively affordable supercar which retails in stock form for around one tenth the price of the majority of the supercar competition, and is yet another accomplishment for the automotive history books which perfectly conveys our company philosophy of producing useable, exciting Le Mans inspired GT road cars with unbeatable road presence and giant killing performance. This aptly illustrates the rationale behind the global success of Ultima Sports Ltd since the company was formed in 1992."

Ted Marlow, Managing Director of Ultima Sports Ltd commented:

"We were forced into having to achieve this track record independently as despite repeated approaches by ourselves, customers and worldwide Ultima fans to Top Gear TV with a view to having the Ultima GTR720 timed around the Top Gear track and road test, no invites were forthcoming.

This was a superb opportunity for us to validate the superb road holding, aerodynamic ability and handling finesse of our British product, as this is one of the few tracks in existence that have verified lap times publicly available for most of the major worldwide supercars in production today, and we are delighted to have an Ultima currently leading such a prestigious performance league table.

I was frankly exasperated from watching on the TV all types of supercars from around the world setting hot laps with the Stig at the wheel, and decided that the time had come for a British built supercar to have a crack at the record as I was always confident that our standard product could comfortably take the crown. We have frankly destroyed the existing lap record which proves yet again that the Ultima GTR is in a league of its own."

The event was conducted in conjunction with Plans Motorsport whom were present at the test to oversee and witness the successful road car lap record attempt, their own GPS Race Technology DL1 data logging equipment was fitted to the car for a full set of independently verified lap time data.

The Ultima GTR720 tested is a full road going car with compliant suspension and often used as a daily driver. All the vehicles produced by Ultima Sports Ltd have the usual road luxuries such as air conditioning, ICE, leather trim, sealed luggage carrying compartments and of course road car levels of ground clearance suitable for speed humps and other road obstacles. The Ultima GTR720 is equipped with a standard 5 speed Porsche G50-03 transmission and a standard production option 720bhp engine from the OE engine suppliers American Speed.


Ultima GTR:1 min 12.8 secs
Porsche 991 GT2 RS:1 min 13.4 secs
McLaren 675LT:1 min 13.7 secs
Pagani Huayra:1 min 13.8 secs
BAC Mono:1 min 14.3 secs
Ariel Atom V8 500:1 min 15.1 secs
Lamborghini Huracan:1 min 15.8 secs
McLaren MP4-12C:1 min 16.2 secs
Lamborghini Aventador:1 min 16.5 secs
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport:1 min 16.8 secs
Gumpert Apollo:1 min 17.1 secs
Ascari A10:1 min 17.3 secs
Ferrari F12:1 min 17.4 secs
Koenigsegg CCX:1 min 17.6 secs
Noble M600:1 min 17.7 secs
Nissan GT-R (2012):1 min 17.8 secs
Pagani Zonda (Clubsport Version):1 min 17.8 secs
Caterham Seven Superlight R500:1 min 17.9 secs
Bugatti Veyron:1 min 18.3 secs
Pagani Zonda F:1 min 18.4 secs
Maserati MC12:1 min 18.9 secs
Ferrari Enzo:1 min 19.0 secs
Ferrari 458:1 min 19.1 secs

Ultima GTR faster than Ferrari FXX

Ultima GTR faster then Ferrari FXX

British supercar manufacturers and multiple world speed record holders Ultima Sports Ltd have smashed Michael Schumacher's £1million Ferrari FXX track car lap record on the circuit as used by Top Gear TV with their Ultima GTR720 road car.

The Ultima GTR720 recorded a blistering 1min 9.9secs lap time, which demolishes the previous record of 1min10.7secs set by seven-time world Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher in his £1million Ferrari FXX track car. To put things into perspective the Ultima is almost 10 seconds per lap faster than the fastest road car that Ferrari produces which is the renowned £450,000 Enzo which has been timed around the track in 1min19.0secs.

The successful lap record attempt was independently timed, verified and recorded by Plans Motorsport using their GPS DL-1 data logging equipment. It wasn't a test conducted by Top Gear TV themselves as the producers have seemingly ignored repeated requests to feature the British Ultima GTR to date.

Richard Marlow, Director of Ultima Sports Ltd commented:

"We are all absolutely thrilled with this lap record. I could see that the Formula 1 inspired Ferrari FXX looked supremely quick in the hands of Michael Schumacher, but I had every belief that it wasn't a match for our legendary Ultima GTR720 road car. I wanted to prove a point from the minute I witnessed the Schuey lap time on TV but the top gear track was fully booked for several months. At the first available opportunity we took our Ultima GTR720 road car that has previously recorded a lap time of 1min12.8secs and adjusted it to more of a track biased set up rather than road car settings in the same manner as Michael Schumacher's track only non road legal Ferrari FXX.

Our Ultima GTR720 road car stormed around the track at the kind of pace that would have placed it at the front of the grids in international GT racing, it was for sure a spectacle to behold. To better the lap time of the greatest driver of our generation in arguably the worlds most developed and expensive modern day track car is a perfect illustration of the sheer brilliance and mind blowing pace of our British Ultima GTR. Of course unlike the Ferrari FXX, which is not road legal, we were able to drive our road car back home afterwards. I would also like to clarify to everybody that our GTR720 will clear all speed humps and anybody whom doubts this fact is welcome to visit our factory so that we can demonstrate this to them first hand."

Ted Marlow, Managing Director of Ultima Sports Ltd commented:

"Well what can I say? I have been driving Ultima's now for over 25 years in hundreds of different Ultima cars with a huge range of different configurations and so I was pretty confident that the GTR720 would do the business.

The Enzo FXX is no ordinary Ferrari having been developed using Formula 1 technology and extensively tested by the 7 times Formula 1 world champion so to beat this lap time certainly proves the magnitude of our achievement.

The Ultima is a perfect illustration of the effectiveness of the KISS principle and enables us to offer an affordable supercar that can outrun the likes of Michael Schumacher in his own £1million Ferrari FXX track car. Simply put we have created automotive history by producing the worlds fastest all round road legal supercar and this new record together with our extensive catalogue of existing world speed records is unequivocal proof of the Ultima GTR's engineering excellence. Ultima fans can rest assured in the knowledge that we still have significant room for lap time improvement in the future as there is always our 800hp variant to put through its paces yet, and of course the keys to our Ultima GTR720 are always available here for a certain Mr. Schumacher should he like a shot at improving our new lap time record further still........."

The Ultima GTR720 is a fully road going production car with standard features such as air conditioning, stereo system and sealed luggage compartments etc and is often used as a daily driver. The car is equipped with a standard production 720bhp Chevrolet V8 engine option built specifically for Ultima by our OE engine suppliers American Speed.

What's next? Well we are all very content and absolutely delighted here at the factory. Over the past several years we have set a catalogue of world beating times including several world speed records which remain unbeaten. We have superb worldwide demand for our product with full order books and this is where we will focus our time and effort by continuing to provide our existing loyal customers and new customers with a first class service. Previous testing has shown that we can also take the Nurburgring lap record with a road legal lap time somewhere in the region of 6mins30secs which sure is tempting to prove someday although there are no plans set as yet......



Engine 7litre V8 6.3litre V12
Power 720bhp 860bhp
Transmission 5 speed manual 6 speed sequential
Length 4000mm 4702mm
Width 1850mm 2035mm
Height 1070mm 1147mm
Wheelbase 2560mm 2650mm
Brakes Steel cross drilled Ceramic/carbon
Weight 980kgs 1155kgs
Lap Time 1min9.9secs 1min10.7secs