Ultima GTR Skidpan

Ultima Factory Establishes World Beating Skidpad Statistic

The Ultima Factory set another world beating statistic in the all-conquering Ultima GTR, logging a road car skidpad world record of 1.176g lateral grip around a 200ft diameter circle, at the Chertsey test facility.

The skidpad is a well-known test, particularly common in the USA, and is regarded by many leading car manufacturers as the dyno of grip. A 200ft diameter circle looks about as much like a real corner as a dyno roller looks like a road, but as a tool, it's an unbeatable facsimile of the real thing. The correct procedure to conduct the test accurately is to measure the lap time around a 200ft circle and then this data is converted into lateral acceleration. The fastest two laps in each direction are recorded, and the final score is the average of these four laps.

The Ultima GTR road car used for the successful record attempt was driven by Ultima Director, Richard Marlow.

Richard Marlow commented "Now we have officially proved that the Ultima GTR is the fastest accelerating and decelerating supercar in the world with our other world records, the time has come to demonstrate through independent verified timing how incredibly well the Ultima GTR handles and corners, and this new record is part of our campaign to comprehensively demonstrate this fact beyond any doubt. Brute power is pointless without control, but where the Ultima GTR is concerned it possesses both these attributes in equally large measures."

Once again, as with all Ultima's world beating figures, the test was strictly conducted, overseen and verified by an official from Datron Technology who are acknowledged by the motoring press and the Guinness Book of Records as official timekeepers, using state of the art Microsat GPS equipment. The Ultima GTR used for the successful world beating run was fully road legal, fitted with road tyres and was driven to and from the test venue.

Skidpan Comparison Figures 200ft (lateral g)

Ultima GTR:1.176
Porsche 911 GT1:1.07
McLaren 650S:1.06
Porsche 911 GT2 RS:1.02
Ferrari Enzo:1.01
Porsche Carrera GT:0.99
Bugatti Veyron:0.99
Lotus Elise:0.98
Porsche Ruf R Turbo:0.97
Nissan GT-R:0.97
Porsche Boxster S:0.95
Lamborghini Gallardo:0.95
Corvette Z06:0.94
Ferrari 360:0.93
Porsche 911 GT3:0.92
Honda NSX:0.91
Lamborghini Murcielago:0.90
McLaren F1:0.86