Ultima GTR at Santa Pod

Ultima Factory Storms The Standing Quarter Mile

The Ultima Factory has recorded yet another blistering statistic in the multiple world record holding Ultima GTR supercar. Driven by Ultima director, Richard Marlow, the GTR recorded a standing ¼ mile time of 9.9secs @ 143mph terminal speed at the FIA approved and verified Santa Pod Raceway.

The Ultima GTR road car used for the run was the same factory's standard production specification road car Ultima GTR720 demonstrator which has recently smashed the 0-100mph-0-world record. It was fitted with a 720bhp Chevrolet V8 engine from the OE engine suppliers American Speed, a standard 5-speed G50 transmission and road tyres. The GTR720 was pitched against a standard 345bhp Corvette C5, which doubled as a camera car to help demonstrate the mind-boggling performance of the GTR720, compared to other recognized fast road cars. The Santa Pod drag strip was utilized as it has the fully sanctioned FIA approved timing equipment rather than the less than accurate timing methods used at some speed events.

Richard Marlow commented:

"We knew that the standard factory spec car was more than capable of achieving a standing quarter mile time of this caliber, and it shows once again its performance superiority over other supercars. We performed several runs on the day all of which were in the sub 10secs category. The Ultima has a great deal more attributes to it than that of performing standing ¼ mile drag runs, but nevertheless this is a historical and worldwide reputed statistic that we wanted to record in order to demonstrate what our standard product can run.

Clearly there is plenty more potential for the GTR on the drag strip if the runs had been carried out during a competitive event and if the car was optimized for such use, but that is not something we will be pursuing further. We are delighted that the standard road tyred GTR can run 9 secs quarters consistently with ease, and that these times are significantly quicker than all other supercars."

Standing ¼ Mile Comparison Times

Ultima GTR:9.9 secs @ 143.68mph
Bugatti Veyron:10.175 secs @ 139.44 mph
Lamborghini Aventador:10.4 secs @ 134.7 mph
Tesla Model S P100D:10.44 secs @ 124.2 mph
Porsche 991 Turbo S:10.5 secs
Lamborghini Huracán:10.6 secs @ 132.8 mph
Audi R8 V10 Plus:10.6 secs @ 132 mph
Porsche 918:10.65 secs @ 142.46 mph
Ferrari 458:10.7 secs
Nissan GT-R:10.8 secs
Ferrari F12:10.8 secs
Ford GT:10.8 secs
McLaren P1:10.9 secs @ 145.16 mph
Dodge Viper Phase II ZB:10.9 secs @ 129.8 mph
Porsche 997 Turbo S:10.9 secs @ 127.4 mph
Pagani Huayra:10.9 secs
Chevrolet Corvette Z06:10.9 secs @ 132.7 mph
Porsche Carrera GT:10.97 secs
Ferrari LaFerrari:11.21 secs @ 142.47 mph