Ultima GTR

Ultima GTR

Production Years: 1999-2016

Multiple World Speed Record Holder

The Ultima GTR has been superseded by the Ultima Evolution Coupe and is no longer produced. Spare parts are available for this model.

If you must know one thing, it is that the GTR is the quickest accelerating and decelerating supercar of all time and a multiple world speed record holder.

Launched in 1999, the world renowned GTR is a supercar in every sense of the word, with official performance records which humbled every mainstream car on the planet bar none - Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari Enzo and McLaren F1, none could match the GTR’s plethora of world speed acceleration and deceleration records.

And the car’s talent weren’t just limited to a straight line. The Ultima GTR was independently timed around the Top Gear test track and found to be a blistering 6.2 seconds per lap faster than the £450,000 Ferrari Enzo and 4.0 seconds per lap faster than the £1.5million Bugatti Veyron SS!

With developing the GTR, Ultima concentrated on aerodynamic efficiency and overall balance, two critical elements for any 200+mph supercar. These developments were comprehensively tested at MIRA (the Motor Industry Research Association) where the group was so impressed by the results that it sought an Ultima GTR as the centrepiece for many exhibition appearances publicising the extensive facilities that MIRA has available for car manufacturers.

The ultra clean look of the GTR and the faultless self-coloured gel coat bodywork were achieved not by luck, but by design. The production car feel of the GTR is immediately apparent, from the specially moulded headlight housings and covers to the immaculate panel fit and lack of any external body catches. Elsewhere, items such as the purpose-made electric wing mirrors combine to create the complete picture. The sensational appearance of the car has been applauded by designers and connoisseurs alike and means GTRs remain much sought after in the pre-owned market where minimal depreciation is a reality.


Chassis:Full spaceframe using mainly 38mm x 1.5mm dia tube MIG welded. Powder coated and panelled in 1.5mm NS4 Alloy sheet. Designed to accept engines up to 2000 bhp.
Wing:Double element track design in carbon fibre.
Body:Unpainted GRP finished in immaculate gel coat finish.
Interior:Ultima leather/alcontara seats and dashboard.
Ultima branded instruments.
Air conditioning.
Lighting:Ultima triple headlight system.
Screen:Full laminated glass windscreen.
Suspension:TIG welded double unequal length heavy duty wishbones with rod ends and spherical joints.
Alloy uprights cast in LM25 and heat treated to TF.
Fully adjustable coil spring damper units.
Steering:Ultima alloy sports rack and pinion 2.4 turns lock to lock.
Brakes:12.7" curved vane vented disc brakes all round with four pot calipers and mechanical handbrake.
Adjustable brake bias front to rear. All s/s hoses.
Engine:Chevrolet V8 engine from 300bhp to over 1000bhp.
Gearbox:Porsche 5 or 6 speed transaxle.
Wheels:9" x 18" front, 13.5"x 18" rear alloy three piece with 5 stud centres machined from billet alloy.
Tyres:245/35ZR18 front 335/30/ZR18 rear.
Dimensions:Length: 4000mm
Width: 1850mm
Height: 1070mm
Wheelbase: 2560mm
Ground Clearance: 120mm (adjustable)
Weight: 950kg