The Ultima EVO Coupe

Introducing the Ultima EVO Coupe

“Arguably the most underrated car on the planet, the latest incarnation of the Ultima has a bang-for-buck quotient most supercar makers wouldn’t think possible”

EVO Magazine

Ultima EVO Coupe
Ultima EVO Coupe
Ultima EVO Coupe
Ultima EVO Coupe
Ultima EVO Coupe

Ultima Sports Ltd, British manufacturers of the world record holding Ultima GTR and Ultima Can-Am supercars, have introduced the exciting new updated model called the Ultima Evolution which is available in both Coupe and Convertible form.

The Ultima Evolution retains the same timeless Le Mans Group C inspired body shape as the Ultima GTR and Ultima Can-Am but is a vastly improved and modernized supercar in every sense.

The superior Evolution model takes the Ultima to even greater levels of fit, finish, quality, safety, driver comfort, usability, practicality, handling finesse and performance.

Many of the enhancements found on the new Ultima Evolution model have been stimulated by worldwide customer demand and feedback.

The power-plant for the Ultima Evolution is the fuel injected LS Chevrolet V8 engine and the factory offers over 15 different power level options ranging from 350bhp for the base model up to the top of the range 1020bhp model.

Ultima EVO Coupe

The first Ultima Evolution Coupe production factory built demonstrator flagship model as pictured is equipped with the monstrous 1020bhp and 920ftlbs torque supercharged Chevrolet LS V8 official engine option delivering a power to weight ratio of over 1050bhp/ton which will really shake up the supercar scene and take the performance envelope of the Ultima to the next level.

The Ultima Evolution Coupe and Ultima Evolution Convertible replace the Ultima GTR and Ultima Can-Am respectively. Both the Ultima GTR and Ultima Can-Am are now discontinued.

Ultima EVO Coupe

The new 1020bhp Evolution model has already been tested by the factory and has recorded a road legal 0-60mph time of 2.3secs, 0-100mph of 4.9secs with 0-150mph taking a mere 8.9 seconds! It has the capability to accelerate onwards to over 240mph. The 1020bhp Evolution model will surpass the performance envelope of the famous Ultima GTR720 current 0-100mph-0 world record holder which blasted around the top gear test track in full road going configuration in just 1min12.8secs with full video and GPS verified documentation.

Ultima EVO Coupe

Since the extremely successful world record holding Ultima GTR and Can-Am were first launched there have been over 15 years of continuous research and development taking place at the factory to every facet of the Ultima, with many enhancements gradually introduced to the range. There is virtually no part of the Ultima Evolution that is in the same specification as when the GTR and Can-Am were first launched with fundamental changes having taken place to all key parameters including the chassis, bodywork, drivetrain, wheels, cooling system, fuel system, steering system, suspension, lighting, interior.

Ultima EVO Coupe

The first Ultima Evolution Coupe production factory built demonstrator flagship model as pictured is equipped with the monstrous 1020bhp and 920ftlbs torque supercharged Chevrolet LS V8 official engine option delivering a power to weight ratio of over 1050bhp/ton which will really shake up the supercar scene and take the performance envelope of the Ultima to the next level.

"This is no one-trick, point-and-squirt supercar, though. You can feel the chassis working beneath you, gauge the level of grip through the rim of the steering wheel and the seat of you pants and exploit that grip to whatever extent you’re comfortable with. There’s no electronic traction control, no anti-lock, no power steering-and you know what? You don’t miss them. Braking is massively strong, the pedal firm and easily modulated. Traction feels good too, while the ride is surprisingly compliant."


Options and Improvements

Improved quality of gel coat finish to the bodywork with a major rework and overhaul of the body moulds to an unrivalled new market leading standard.

New specification of gel coat introduced utilizing the latest advances in gel coat pigment technology. Nine new gel coat bodywork colour options added to the Ultima range.

LED front triple headlight system with custom machined anodized aluminium Ultima bezels.

LED daytime running lights for increased safety and visibility. LED side indicator repeaters.

EVO Lights

Lightweight forged alloy one piece wheels for increased performance with the Ultima Evolution logo.

Longer front wishbone design with revised frontal geometry.

New quicker ratio extended steering rack for faster corner turn in.

New steering wheel system with wireless integrated button controls instead of rocker switches.

EVO Wheels

Flat bottom steering wheel option for easier driver entry/exit.

New quick shift machined alloy billet central cable operated gear shifter.

Carbon fibre style central gear change/handbrake cockpit console.

New billet dashboard switch gear.

New billet interior door handles.

EVO Steering Wheels

New style engine start button.

Stainless steel handbrake lever.

New style dashboard face level air conditioning vents for improved cockpit cooling.

New dashboard warning lights system.

Ultima instruments colour coded to the wheels with the Ultima Evolution logo.

EVO Hand Brake

New custom made Ultima EVO hexagonal design aluminium body grills providing increased airflow and cooling.

Powder coated in satin black.

Improved driver cockpit ergonomics.

EVO Rear Vents
Ultima EVO Seats

Roll cage fully leather trimmed with colour coded stitching.

New perforated leather for the seats with alcantara inserts, colour coded stitching and the Ultima Evolution logo with a colour coded piping option.

New floor carpet option with colour coded piping option.

Seatbelt Ultima specific shoulder pads.

Satnav system.

iPod connectivity.

Ultima EVO Rear Grille

Stack steering wheel integrated digital data logging display option F1 style.

Rear parking sensors integrated into the rear canopy with a cockpit mounted proximity sensor.

Rear view reversing camera mounted into the rear grill.

Bluetooth hands free phone system.

Alpine car stereo and speaker system.

Ultima Dashboard

Improved and updated Ultima wiring loom.

Carbon fibre style front brake vents.

Carbon fibre wing mirrors with revised positioning for improved rear visibility.

Zircotec ceramic exhaust coating for improved cooling.

Completely upgraded and redesigned fuel system option delivering greater fuel flow to cope with very high engine power levels of 725bhp through to 1200bhp.

Ultima EVO VIN Plate

New design fuel tanks incorporating anti surge internal ball valves.

New style Ultima Evolution chassis VIN plates.

Twin front mounted Ultima charge cooler system developed for supercharged V8 LS Chevrolet V8 engine installations.

Ultima EVO Headlining Detail

Finely crafted leather interior cockpit trim with contrast stitching available in all colours choices.

Fully welded roll cage formed using modern tube bending technology in 45mm CDS with welded rear braces for maximum occupant safety and market leading torsional rigidity.

Chassis supplied shot blasted, spray primed and then electrostatically powder coated in a flawless corrosion resistant satin black finish.

Twin air filter engine air intake Ultima system developed for the supercharged V8 LS 1020bhp engine installation.

Substantially improved chassis design for all Ultima Evolution models which vastly improves the performance, road manners, road holding and safety whilst boasting a market leading torsional rigidity. First introduced in 2013 as a first stepping stone towards the new Ultima Evolution model.

New style windscreen and side screen sun visor arrangement.

New improved brake reservoir arrangement.

Ultima EVO Interior

Improved rear visibility with a different rear carbon fibre wing design and altered electric rear view mirror mounting position.

New radiator cooling fans with vastly improved flow rate and new front mounted radiator fan positioning enabling larger output fans to be fitted.

New Ultima Evolution bodywork, wheel, steering wheel and engine rocker cover logo badges.

Custom made Ultima Evolution embossed leather luggage set designed to fit inside the sealed side luggage compartments for touring across countries.

Ultima EVO Rear Wing

Heated front windscreen option for rapid demisting in cold, wet, frosty and humid road conditions.

Braid wheels are now the official OE wheel supplier to Ultima and standard fitment to the Ultima Evolution and the factory offer their full range of cast and forged wheels at unbeatable prices.

Michelin Tyres OE Fitment.

New machined exhaust tailpipe trim rings for the rear grill.

Ultima EVO Exhaust

Carbon fibre lightweight Ultima EVO options:

Electrically adjustable rear view mirrors.

Front splitter.

Rear wing.

Luggage container covers.

Headlight clusters.

AIM digital dashboard cluster.

Ultima EVO Carbon Fibre Mirrors

AP Racing 12.7" curved vane cross drilled disc brakes with new design lightweight forged callipers and forged wheels providing the ultimate unsurpassed world beating stopping power- 100mph to 0mph in 3.4secs.

Adjustable brake bias front to rear. All s/s TUV hoses.

Available in right hand drive and left hand drive.

The Ultima EVO is designed primarily as an enjoyable road going supercar so will therefore clear any speed-humps and other obstructions such as ferry ramps in standard configuration.

Ultima EVO Brakes

"The Ultima runs as if it's on rails, turning into corners precisely and holding its line with impressive ease as it powers out."



Fully updated spaceframe using mainly 38mm x 1.5mm dia tube
Market leading torsional rigidity
Fully welded roll cage in 45mm CDS with welded rear braces
Powder coated in satin black
Panelled in 1.5mm NS4 alloy sheet
Double element track design in carbon fibre revised for improved rearward visibility
Unpainted GRP finished in immaculate gel coat finish utilising the latest advances in pigment technology
Carbon fibre Ultima Evolution wing mirrors option
Carbon fibre Ultima Evolution front splitter option
Ultima Evolution badges
Rear view camera and parking sensors option
Ultima Evolution branded leather/alcantara seats and dashboard
Ultima Evolution branded instruments colour coded option
Carpet for the floor and rear bulkhead with colour coded piping option
Leather trimmed roll cage option
Air Conditioning
Stainless steel handbrake lever
Ultima Evolution branded luggage bag set
Steering wheel mounted wireless switch gear
Alpine in car entertainment system with sat nav option
Full LED lighting front and rear to Ultima Evolution design with a carbon fibre style headlight cluster arrangement and machined aluminium anodised bezels. LED side indicator repeaters
Laminated glass. Full U.S.A. and European certified
Heated windscreen option
TIG welded double unequal length wishbones with extended length front wishbones
Alloy uprights in LM25
Fully adjustable custom made coil spring dampers for bump, rebound and ride height
Alloy sports Ultima EVO quick ratio steering rack 2.1 turns lock to lock
12.7" curved vane vented disc brakes all round
Adjustable brake bias front to rear. All s/s TUV hoses
Chevrolet V8 LS fuel injection from 350bhp to 1020bhp
Porsche six speed manual transaxle with machined billet quick shifter cable change system
Forged Lightweight and Flow Formed alloy one piece Ultima Evolution wheels with Ultima Evolution centre caps
Michelin 18" and 19" options
Performance (1020bhp 6800cc SUPERCHARGED LS V8 ULTIMA EVOLUTION):
0-60mph:2.3 secs
0-100mph:4.9 secs
30-70mph:1.5 secs
0-150mph:8.9 secs
0-100-0 mph:8.8 secs
Standing quarter mile:9.2 secs @ 156mph
Top speed:240+ mph (gearing limited)
Performance (700bhp 7000cc LS7 V8 ULTIMA EVOLUTION):
0-60mph:2.6 secs
0-100mph:5.3 secs
30-70mph:1.8 secs
0-150mph:10.4 secs
0-100-0 mph:9.4 secs (World Record)
Standing quarter mile:9.9 secs @ 143mph
Top speed:200+ mph (gearing limited)
Top Gear Track:1min12.8 secs (road tyres) 1min 9.9 secs (slicks)
Performance (480bhp 6200cc LS3 V8 ULTIMA EVOLUTION):
0-60mph:3.1 secs
0-100mph:6.4 secs
30-70mph:2.4 secs
0-150mph:13.2 secs
0-100-0 mph:10.5 secs
Standing quarter mile:11.4 secs @ 129mph
Top speed:180+ mph (gearing limited)
Top Gear Track:1min 15.9 secs
Ground Clearance:120mm (adjustable)
Weight:950kg (1020bhp supercharged version)
930kg (non- supercharged)

"Nothing, it feels, is going to get in the way of the Ultima. Straights, corners, traffic, it’s just going to demolish them. And it does."


Ultima EVO Coupe Gallery


"It’s fully road legal, with number plates, tax disc and road tyres, details that are easily overlooked, it seems, especially since by the end of the session the Ultima has lapped pretty much everything else on the track, even stuff on slicks…."



Ever since the GTR and Can-Am were first launched we have continuously developed the Ultima over the years with thousands of detailed changes and improvements being gradually introduced to the Ultima during that timeframe, a brief outline of just some these changes are detailed at these 2 Ultima History links:
History 2000 - 2010
History 2010 - 2013
The timing is now right after the culmination of nearly two decades of further research and development to discontinue the extremely successful old model and replace it with the aptly named "Evolution" model along with a raft of further new enhancement options.
The Evolution takes the Ultima to even greater levels of fit, finish, quality and performance. The Evolution is a vastly improved and modernized car in every sense compared to the GTR and Can-Am and makes an awesome package.
Many of the enhancements found on the new Ultima Evolution have been stimulated by worldwide customer demand and feedback.
Ultima Sports Ltd continues to flourish from strength to strength and the new Evolution model ensures that the Ultima remains unrivalled in our industry.

1020bhp enables us to convey the huge and so far unrivalled overall performance capability of the Ultima road car and to step it up a notch. The Ultima is already a current multiple world speed record holder with the 640bhp, 685bhp and 720bhp options. The 1020bhp Ultima Evolution adds another resource for our quest to forever retain our title as the quickest all round supercar manufacturer in history and of course gives the Ultima superb kudos. Unlike many lesser cars the mid -engine Ultima is capable of coping with this kind of power level and laying it down onto the tarmac with mind blowing results and is our flagship model.
The majority of Evolution customers will opt for power levels somewhere between 350bhp-720bhp which is more than adequate and far easier on the pocket! These power levels are more than enough to outrun all modern day supercars in the lightweight Ultima. The 6.2litre LS3 Chevrolet V8 crate engine which is available at just £4850 plus VAT is a popular and fantastic value choice for example which provides the Ultima Evolution with 0-60mph in 3 seconds and a top speed of over 180mph. The Ultima is a superb fun road going car and you don’t need extreme power levels to experience huge driving pleasure. Our recommended engine suppliers at American Speed offer around 15 different Chevrolet V8 engine option power choices.
However for customers wanting even more then we are happy to oblige and we have already road registered and tested the first emission compliant 1020bhp Ultima Evolution factory built car with staggering performance and drivability results. Furthermore there are already several more 1020bhp Evolution models already now under construction for international customers.

The Ultima has taken its inspiration from the Group C Le Mans race cars and this is something we are very proud of indeed. The Ultima shape is something different and permanent compared to the ever-changing crop of latest supercars. We sell a road going supercar that is alternative, timeless and unique, which is part of the beauty and ethos of the Ultima. The Le Mans Group C race cars are from an extremely evocative period in time that we are fascinated by here at the factory with Group C collector pieces nowadays becoming increasingly desirable and selling for vast sums.
Ultima Sports Ltd uniquely provides the sports car market today with the chance to buy a new road legal Group C inspired supercar with the modern twist of incorporating various road luxuries and the proven capability to blow all other modern supercars into the weeds for a fraction of the purchase price and running costs.
Andrew Frankel from the Sunday Times who raved about the Ultima after testing it once summed up the Ultima philosophy perfectly in an article:
"If you don't understand the mentality, buy an ordinary car like a Porsche or Ferrari instead."

The lead-time is currently 18 weeks for a self-assembly package and 52 weeks for a factory built turnkey vehicle.

Absolutely yes!
We sell and ship worldwide from our UK factory. We don’t use any dealers or distributors for the Ultima Evolution as we prefer to deal directly with our customers and not use any middlemen. This allows us to offer the best possible factory direct pricing to our customer’s which is a rarity in the sports car world. We have already sold the Ultima into 56 different countries and we won't be content until every country contains an Ultima which is one of our ambitions!

The Ultima GTR and Ultima Can-Am are now discontinued but spare parts will always be available from the factory. We now only sell the Ultima Evolution model which is available in both Coupe and Convertible form.
The Evolution model will be differentiated from the old model with its own unique Evolution chassis VIN plate and Evolution bodywork badges along with all the other numerous fundamental detail changes listed.

We are very happy to quote for any of the upgrades that a current Ultima owner may desire to fit to their existing Ultima GTR or Ultima Can-Am, but to clarify- all Evolution models will have the latest substantially improved chassis design and improved gel coat finish as a standard feature and therefore a 100% Evolution specification could only be achieved by purchasing a complete new bodywork and a new chassis.

Our new build customers command the utmost priority here at Ultima Sports Ltd and we are extremely grateful for their loyalty and placing their confidence and faith in us. We are very happy to work with new build customers who have yet to finish their car to help them upgrade their Ultima to an Evolution specification and for new unregistered cars which have the latest vastly superior year 2013 onwards chassis we are happy to issue Ultima Evolution VIN plates as long as the customer is happy to purchase a certain proportion of upgrade parts to meet the new improved Ultima Evolution specification criteria. It will be our pleasure to work with customers on a “one on one” individual basis to satisfy their desires where possible so that they aren’t building a now superseded GTR or Can-Am model.

We will often refer to the new model as EVO for short.

There is a new online Ultima Evolution bodywork colour configurator here which shows an additional 9 new colour options for our customers to choose from.

We can offer virtually all colours of our latest Ultima Evolution one piece lightweight forged alloy wheels and interior leather/alcantara trim along with stitching and piping colours. Just let us know your personal preferences.
The black and gold colour theme on our first demonstrator is just an example of a colour scheme.

You can build your own new Ultima EVO adrenalin pumping supercar for around the same ballpark price as a mundane new BMW M2.
Turnkey factory built Ultima EVO cars can be factory built to special order.
Please contact us directly for a quotation based on your desired specification and intended usage at:



Preview how your choice of gel coat and wheel colours will look.


"It’s the ultimate g-machine. It’s got the best braking, the best handling and the best acceleration. There isn’t a car on the planet that can run with it."