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British manufacturers of the exciting new Ultima EVOLUTION COUPE and Ultima EVOLUTION CONVERTIBLE, officially the producer of the quickest supercar in the world...
Ultima Evolution Coupe
Ultima Evolution Convertible
"We round a corner in third gear with around 3000rpm showing on the Stack, and a long, perfectly smooth straight presents itself. I nail it. The response is instant and mighty and the Ultima lunges for the horizon like it’s been rammed by an express train. That’s not it, though. At around 5000rpm the V8 comes on cam and the acceleration spikes to a truly mind-warping level. It took me by surprise, I can tell you, rearranging my underwear and restyling my hair. Zero to 150mph a second quicker than a McLaren F1? I don’t doubt it. This is no one-trick, point-and-squirt supercar, though. You can feel the chassis working beneath you, gauge the level of grip through the rim of the Personal steering wheel and the seat of you pants and exploit that grip to whatever extent you’re comfortable with. There’s no electronic traction control, no anti-lock, no power steering-and you know what? You don’t miss them. Braking is massively strong, the pedal firm and easily modulated. Traction feels good too, while the ride is surprisingly compliant."