The Ultima Evolution Coupe and Ultima Evolution Convertible have been designed as road cars and as such have :-
  • Compliant suspension
  • Ample suspension travel
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Comfortable seats
  • Seat lumber support
  • Leather or Alcontara trim
  • Bulkhead and floor carpet
  • Ample leg room
  • Easy cockpit access
  • Gas strut assist for doors and bonnet
  • Superb visibility
  • Ergonomically designed dashboard and controls
  • Electrically adjustable wing mirrors
  • Charging points for sat nav phone etc.
  • Good turning circle
  • Tractable engine
  • Lockable doors and fuel caps
  • Watertight
  • Sealed luggage containers
  • In door storage
  • Air con or heater/demister
  • Sufficient ride height for speed humps
  • Toll booth compatible
  • Alarm and tracker system options
  • Excellent headlights
  • Low wind noise
  • Easy to drive
  • Road clutch and brakes
  • Superb access to all mechanical parts
  • Powder coated and plated components
  • Designed to fit inside a standard house garage
  • Cockpit noise level similar to a Corvette C5
  • Moulded rear inner wheel arches
  • Both models have been road registered in over 40 countries
  • Unbeatable road presence

There is a new online Ultima Evolution bodywork colour configurator here which shows an additional 9 new colour options for our customers to choose from.

Our Company policy is to deal directly with our customers and so all kits are supplied directly from the factory in Hinckley UK to the customer.

The kit has been designed to be assembled by a first time builder and over 75% of our customers fall into this category.

Definitely not. The Ultima is constructed from components specifically designed for the car.

The factory has designed the Ultima to accept the small block Chevrolet V8 from 300bhp to over 1000bhp.
The factory does not recommend fitting alternative engines.

The Ultima has been designed to accept the Porsche G50, Porsche 996, and Porsche 997 transaxles. Apart from changing the breather location no other modifications are recommended.

The Porsche transaxle is superbly engineered by Porsche and has an exceptional weight/strength ratio.
The Porsche transaxle fitted to an Ultima has been used successfully with engines over 1000bhp.

On a RHD the gear change is cill mounted on the right side of the steering wheel when using a G50 transaxle.
The gear change is centre mounted if a Porsche 996 or Porsche 997 transaxle is used or the car is LHD.

The body incorporates a coloured gel coat finish, which does not require painting.

Gel coat is thicker than any paint finish and is resistant to stone chips. It also saves build time and money.

Only solid colours can be successfully applied. Gel coat might fade over a period of time in strong sunlight.

Drivers up to 6’ 10” have fitted in standard Ultima seats with our extended pedal box option.

Over half the kits that Ultima produces are left hand drive.

There are purpose made alloy sealed luggage containers either side of the cockpit accessible from inside the car, space behind the seats and in the doors. Storage is also available behind the access panel under the front section.
Trips abroad are no problem and neither is the weekly supermarket expedition.

A CD version of the manual is sent when the kit is ordered.

Due to the unique design of the Ultima range the factory has a policy of not supplying manuals on general release.

The Ultima kit can be supplied in stages from 1-17 as the build proceeds, which is generally in build order along with individual items from the accessory pages.
You can spread the overall purchase over as many different stages/payments as you desire.

An Ultima kit is generally ready for shipping within twelve weeks of the order being placed.

Contact the factory by e-mail, fax, or phone to discuss the specification for your kit. The factory will then prepare a spreadsheet listing the parts that will be required to assemble your kit.
Once we have adjusted the spreadsheet to match your requirements this will show the full price and the 25% deposit that we will require to confirm your order.
Within twelve weeks of receiving your order your kit will be ready to ship and the balance will be required.
Your Ultima kit is then shipped in a plywood crate inside a steel shipping container to your nearest port.

The factory will fax or e-mail the company bank details and you simply instruct your bank to transfer the outstanding funds to that account.
Alternatively Ultima accepts all credit cards and payments via PayPal.

Ultima has designed their own seats that fit which maximise the cockpit space and Headroom. Other seats will fit but may compromise the driving position and headroom.

Export kits are packed in strong packing cases, which prevent damage in transit.
Deliveries to the USA are also packed in steel shipping containers.

As long as the car has been constructed as the factory recommends then the car will pass the IVA test.

An Ultima can be built using a very modest tool kit but can be made easier if a right angle drill is employed. Apart from the cost of a drill all the tools required to build an Ultima could be purchased for a budget of under £200.

The factory recommend that the alloy panels are left polished but can be trimmed if desired.

The doors open at 45 degrees and are aided and supported by a gas strut. Trimming the inner skin of the doors might affect the gas strut pressure supplied by the factory.

The unique teardrop shape of the Ultima means that the door mounted mirrors give a wider field of view than on conventional cars without the blind spot caused by the rear screen pillar so no rear window is required.

The car can be driven at normal road speeds quite safely without the rear wing so it is only needed to optimise down force.

Ultima cars can be factory built to special order but these are not available to the USA.

Ultima make their own wheels to fit their cars and are the only type that the company recommends.

Yes as Ultima cars are built without using a donor car and all the parts are new the car will require an IVA test prior to registering it as a new car.

Yes the doors are watertight.

Yes – normal key operation.

The Ultima Evolution Coupe and Ultima Evolution Convertible have adjustable suspension and the ride quality can easily be selected by changing the damper settings.

The 12.7” AP braking system has been designed not to need servo assist.
The standard 260mm brake system has been designed to require servo assist.

The factory can supply every part to build your kit down to the last nut, bolt and washer apart from the Chevrolet engine.

American Speed Inc. Illinois, USA ( This company offers superb engine packages specifically designed to drop straight into your Ultima.

The Ultima Evolution Coupe and Ultima Evolution Convertible have both been designed as road cars so will therefore clear any speed-humps and other obstructions such as ferry ramps.
Rest assured that Ultima staff do spend a lot of time posing in town centres worldwide just to prove this point.

Simply because the doors open upwards unlike front hung doors on ordinary cars that are forced to have some form of opening access.
Tolls and the like are simple to access in this way and more fun than boring windows.

Another benefit of the Ultima gas assist door opening system is that they can be opened in tight parking spaces allowing driver and passenger access unlike cars with ordinary doors.
Perhaps the most important reason for the 3/4 opening doors is that it allows for a huge 12" crumple zone to the side of the driver and passenger offering superior protection over front hung doors.

The Ultima will cost approximately the same to build as a top of the range Cobra replica.
Please bear in mind however that the Ultima uses all new purpose designed components unlike other kit cars and therefore the end product is a brand new vehicle rather than one based on used parts.
Another of the items that set the Ultima apart from most of its competitors is the fact that the exceptional quality of the body means that it does not require painting that in itself can be a costly item not to mention the extra time and mess that this involves.

The prices in dollars are fixed on the web site and therefore will not change with the exchange rate.

On a long trip an American Speed 383 cu ins with 535bhp will average 25mpg overall. Blatting the Ultima around country lanes will considerably reduce this figure.

The wheel arch areas have an energy absorbent foam layer built in that reduces impact damage.

Fill one side and carry the fuel pipe over to the other side of the car.

Easy once the correct technique is used. Two or three practices are all it takes.
Feel free to ask the Ultima staff to demonstrate this to you at the next show or factory visit.

Yes there is no reason at all why it can't be if desired.
See for an example of this showing a 7000 mile road trip across the USA in an Ultima GTR.

The optional helicopter vents that are fitted in the side windows are very effective and ram fresh air into the cockpit at any speed.
The flow can be directed by altering the angle of the vent.
Opening them the other way round exits air from the cockpit.

The air conditioning option is highly effective on extremely hot days and will keep the driver and passenger cool in any conditions. If the heater only option is chosen then air can be circulated around the cockpit using the blower with the heater set at cold.
The helicopter vents are particularly effective for bringing cooling fresh air into the cockpit if desired.
In cooler weather the heater does a great job.

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