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The Ultima is not a kit car; it may be
delivered to the customer in
component form but there is a world of
difference between this car and the

But of course, it didn't reach this state of
engineering excellance overnight. The
Ultima can lay claim to a design and
performance pedigree going back 18

Lee Noble. Since then, the chassis and
mechanical package has been expertly
and systematically developed taking
further race and championship victories

majority of its competitors.

along the way.

More accurately, the Ultima is a
professionally designed sports car
that benefits from the modern
advances in mid engined
technology but which embodies a
sophisticated basic lay out that
allows it to be offered in easily
assembled component packages.
More important, it can be built

'Race proven' is a much abused term
where sports cars are concerned but,
in respect of the Ultima, it is not only
true, it shows.

The Ultima GTR and Can-Am are
specifically designed and built as road
going sports cars. The chassis is
virtually identical to that which

using all new compatible components
to deliver the highest standards of
performance and safety.

years to the original car that almost
immediately captured the kit car Group
K racing championship in the hands of

shattered the opposition to take its racing
championships; a full spaceframe in steel
tube that provides the necessary rigidity

for optimum handling and road holding

from the fully adjustable double wishbone
suspension. It is light yet incorporates a full
range of safety features creating a central
passenger cell that provides maximum
protection from accident impact. There
are deformable crumple zones at the front
and rear with 12" wide collapsible sill
sections at either side. The twin foam
filled fuel tanks are mounted centrally out
of harm's way, the occupants are secured
by six point seat belt harnesses and there
is a full 3.2mm CDS tube RAC
specification roll over bar. Such is the
strength of the structure that the same
chassis is used whether fitting a 300 bhp
V8 engine or a 650 bhp, race tuned
Chevrolet small block V8!